Off Kilter Art

I am starting this blog in the hopes it will prove fairly easy to post new sketches and work here on a consistent basis.

Most of my posts will contain pages from my sketchbook. Works in progress and finished pieces will make their way here as well, but mainly doodles and things of that sort.

Not much about this first sketch page to tell, except that an actual blue horse would be a sight to see. Not a regular horse painted blue, but a horse naturally blue from birth. If it roamed the bottom of the ocean with other blue equines in herds and I had to pilot a submarine down to the blue depths in order to gaze upon this amazing sight, that would make it all the more awesome. These mustangs would surface once a year to frequent beaches and perform mating rituals.

These blue equines would probably pull in a mighty hefty price being as they're blue. Entrepreneurs would venture to capture these creatures and place them in captivity, breeding them to no end. These individuals might look like the green individual riding the horse on this page. They would sport fancy suits and drink insanely expensive soap laced with freon during the week, but spend weekends prancing about their farms in overalls, drinking and gazing through telescopes at neighboring horse breeding entrepreneur's pink plastic wives.

Beelzewolf eats kids. Some he imprisons and forces them to make him expensive designer purses, but he likes nothing more than to devour a fat, over medicated, under educated child. Especially, if they happen to be the spoiled rotten offspring of blue equine breeding entrepreneurs.


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