Rabbit Hole Cannibals

This is for the Magnolius Art Contest. You can find the details here http://www.myspace.com/magnolius

I picked a song and chose a lyric to base this on. The lyric made specific mention of "rabbit-hole cannibals," and this is what came to mind.

Thought I'd post a step by step just for the heck of it. Why not right?

To explain the process:
1) Penciled & inked on real paper (moleskine paper to be precise).
2) Then scanned in and vectored using Illustrator. It is here the lines are cleaned and refined.
3) The base colors are done in Illustrator as well.
4) Shadows and some highlights are added.
5) I moved it over to Photoshop at this point. Did some more cleaning and refining, and added some shading, textures, and atmosphere.

All throughout this process my good friend Jason Krukowski (acidkrudesign.com), a fellow artist, was providing feedback and critique. The end result would have been different, if not for his input. So it's good to have friends to look at stuff.


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