I Have It!

That would be one crazy bird thing to catch. Might be worth something to the scientific community. A bit of advice... don't feed your hand to a mutated cat's butt no matter how cute it might appear to be.

I want to get me one of those A3 sized moleskines. It would take me forever to get through that thing. Here's a link so you can see for yourself...A3 Moleskine Folio


  1. I know you probably get asked this a bazillion times but what pens are you using?

    Love your line work.

  2. I actually don't get asked that often. I use Faber Castell Pitt pens; mostly the S & XS.

  3. hey, please post more from your sketchbook! I really like it! what a imagination.

    bye bye from germany, eva

  4. I admire your work so much. How much time do you spend on the sketches? What about the more developed pieces? Everything you make is astoundingly beautiful to me.

    Your sketches (although much better, neater, and more detailed) remind me of the "masterpieces" I come up with in math class. I feel like I create the best art when I'm not supposed to be doing it.

  5. Eva, I'll be sure to get more sketchbook stuff up. Thanks for the kind words.

    Viking Princess, if I break out the colored pencils, I might blow a whole day in la-la land filling 2-4 pages in a sketchbook. Conceptualizing and finishing a larger work might take several days.

    Quite often the work I like the most is the stuff that happens spontaneously, and I've decided there isn't a time I shouldn't be drawing, unless I'm driving.


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