Monday, October 24, 2011

Book of Faces

Here we have a fourteen page mini-book of faces (the obvious cheesy joke here would be to call it a "facebook," but I'll avoid that temptation). The pictures are poopy because I'm lazy and took pictures of each page with my phone instead of scanning them.

The genesis for the idea came from my friend's nine year old daughter. She stapled together several of these little things, and told me she was going to write and/or draw some books. It seemed like a fun little project so I illustrated my own as well.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wolf Spiders

Doodle page from my moleskine book. 

Out of this mess of characters, the "wolf" spider would seem to be particularly unfriendly, especially if it traveled with a pack. A single wolf spider might not prove detrimental to one's health, but a whole pack, stalking, hunting, pouncing, the inevitable devouring, would ruin your day. There is the issue of size; are they wolf size, or spider size. A gun (machine gun preferably) would be needed to fend off one, while a boot would suffice to wipe out the other.

However, if you think your spouse a spawn of Satan, your children grotesque goblins, or your work a grueling system of repetitive tasks, a pack of nightmarish creatures gnawing away at your fleshy mound might prove a welcome, and very permanent departure from the tortures of everyday life. In this case it wouldn't matter the size. An army of tiny wolf spiders could still accomplish the same goal. A film crew might need to time lapse it though, if they aimed to share it with the rest of the world.

Just thinking aloud (actually not aloud at all. My brain did not produce any audible sounds whatsoever in the writing of this post. Brain speakers could be cool, though. However, I imagine a whole bucket of thoughts would be broadcast through brain speakers that I am positive I would not want others to hear. So maybe such a product should remain non existent).

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Horse & A Bee

"Both Ends of the Horse"

"Angry Bee"

Two pages from my moleskine doodle book.