Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Geometric Convolution 2.0

Over the Thanksgiving weekend I busied myself vectoring the "Geometric Convolution" page from my pocket doodle book. Upon its completion at three a.m. Saturday morning, in a maniacal fit peppered with spurts of hysterical laughter, I then produced a psychedelic rug (the second image). I would recommend you not stare for too long, it most assuredly would be detrimental to your health.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Flip The Poster Tube

A lunch break project. I used some children's markers on a poster tube that was lying around the shop and got Flip. He's quite the enthusiastic salesman. I later added a green fuzzy scarf thing from the resale shop next door to give him a crazy afro. 

If by bizarre chance you happen to meet his real life counterpart, I would recommend you not purchase whatever he might be peddling. He might be a door to door peddler that pedals up and down your street selling faith in a product that exists only if you believe in its existence. 

It is on such an occasion that owning a dog, or an intimidating pet of any sort (a wolf spider would be stellar, as long as it was of the wolf size so as to be more intimidating than a spider) could prove useful in keeping him far from your door. If he ignores your "beware of wolf-spider" sign due to a lack of faith in the existence of wolf spiders, or that a tiny brown spider isn't deadly enough to deter him from spreading the good word about his splendid wares, you can prove the existence of them (wolf-spiders) by threatening his existence with their existence. Assuming of course, his existence were real.