A Book Signing, An Office, & Some Trash

The El Progreso Memorial Library asked if I'd be interested in participating in a book signing being held for local authors. Technically, I'm an illustrator, but was grateful none the less to be invited. The box of Diamond Del books that I was to be tasked with selling did not arrive as hoped, so my father suggested I take his copy of the book (as I don't own one myself). Worked out well having evidence present that I had in fact illustrated a book.

The man in the background is local author, J.P. Ruiz. A fine, upstanding gentleman who's website is here. He's finished three of a ten book series for children, two of which are available for purchase with the third coming soon. A tremendous thanks to his wife for snapping a few shots of me talking to people; my mother is eternally grateful.

The photograph above is of my good friend Jason E. Krukowski's office. On the right hangs a 16"x20" print of "Geometric Convolution 2.0"; The only one in existence (he wished it into existence). From there if you direct your eye left, there's first a lamp, and then beyond that is Jason's very own, and quite excellent graduation poster from school. Continue to roam about the image and you will discover, as I did, that in the company of several recognizably awesome items, is a caricature of Jason that I did several years ago. Conclusion: With the exception of my artwork, Jason has decked his office out quite nicely. This concludes our investigative examination of Jason's office.

Check out Jason Krukowski's work at his blog Acid Kru Design & at Scoleri's Brew

Finally, an envelope I found in the trash at work and 
doodled all over during lunch.


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