My first introduction to Moebius was the Airtight Garage. I was working in a comics warehouse in 2007. In the middle of filing away a box of other comics I stumbled across the Epic reprints (the individual issues) of the Garage. I pulled them out and purchased them later that day. Over the next several years I searched out and purchased all of the Epic collections, in addition to anything by Giraud I could get my hands on.

When I started my Kolobok comic, the goal was to create something fun with a stream of consciousness flow like the Garage. So for giggles and grins I placed visual nods to Moebius throughout Kolobok. The page above is one of the more obvious nods and is in reference to Jodorowsky & Moebius' Incal (see various panels below).

If you haven't experienced Moebius' work, I would recommend you do so. (Fair warning: Some of his work is not suitable for children) 
www.moebius.fr (his site is in french) www.humanoids.com (books)


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